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About Me

Hi, My name is Shane also known as ImTotallyNotNew. I am a Computer Science student at University specializing in Games Technology. I am specializing in game programming and Level design whilst also working towards improving my skills in modelling and animation work.

My passion is Gaming, Movies and TV.

I am hoping to make it in the games industry or even getting to the point of making my own game development company. CD Project Red, Rockstar games or Insomniac games are three of my dream studios i'd love to work for and I aspire to work for.

What I love about game development is learning and experimenting with how things are made in games from complex level designs, Gameplay mechanics or even the story for the game ranging in genres and different themes.

Currently i'm experimenting with different gameplay and different styles in a third person shooter I am developing in Unity. However, I am in parallel working on a passion project of mine which is a 2d Platformer named Project Proto in Unity which you can learn more about in my Dev Blog.

A list of my favourite Games, Movies and Shows
The game I am currently playing is:
Alan Wake 2 Cover art